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Photovoltaics for Professionals

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Photovoltaics for Professionals - Solar Electric Systems Marketing, Design and Insta

Photovoltaics for Professionals

Solar Electric Systems Marketing, Design and Insta

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Photovoltaics for Professionals

Photovoltaics for Professionals
Solar Electric Systems Marketing, Design and Installation
By Falk Antony, Christian Durschner and Karl-Heinz Remmers

February 2007 • 216 pages • 240 x 160mm • ISBN 9781844074617

About this book

For the building industry, the installation of photovoltaic systems has become a new field of activity. Interest in solar energy is growing and future business prospects are excellent.

Photovoltaics for Professionals describes the practicalities of marketing, designing and installing photovoltaic systems, both grid-tied and stand-alone. It has been written for electricians, technicians, builders, architects and building engineers who want to get involved in this expanding industry. It answers all the beginner's questions as well as serving as a textbook and work of reference, provides designers and installers with practical specialist knowledge needed to design and install high quality solar electric systems and gives a comprehensive overview of the major photovoltaic market sectors.

Photovoltaics for Professionals contains over 100 full colour illustrations and covers:
Marketing and promoting photovoltaics
Solar cells, PV modules and the solar resource
Grid-tied PV systems
Stand-alone PV systems

Practical step-by-step examples are described of how to go about installing systems right from the first customer contact and many useful tips are given to help avoid mistakes.

About the autor(s)

Falk Antony, Christian Durschner and Karl-Heinz Remmers all work at Solarpraxis AG, an integrated communications and technical services company predominantly known for its technical publications, but also offering a highly successful range in its service division. Solarpraxis was founded by Karl-Heinz Remmers and Kay Neubert.

Published with Solarpraxis.

Table of contents

Part I, Marketing and Promoting Photovoltaics
Part II, Solar Cells, PV Modules and the Solar Resource
Part III, Grid-tied PV Systems
Part IV Grid-tied PV Systems - Installing and Commissioning
Part V, Grid-tied PV Systems - Operation and Maintenance
Part VI, Stand-alone PV Systems
Part VII, Appendices


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