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Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference

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Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference - By Ken Haggard, David A. Bainbridge and Rachel Alj

Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference

By Ken Haggard, David A. Bainbridge and Rachel Alj

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Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference

'It is pleasing to see so much useful data summarized in a small, convenient and affordable book.'
Architectural Science Review

February 2010 • 92 pages • 155 x 95mm • ISBN 9781849710800

About this book

Our pocket reference books provide a wealth of practical information at your fingertips, whenever you need it. Rich in background detail, at-a-glance tables and diagrams, equations, and more, the Passive Solar Architecture Pocket Reference is a handy resource for architects, engineers and students. Coverage includes:

- Definitions
- Load determinants and Responses (including world wide biomes and climates, building metabolism and response, thermal sources and sinks, passive building responses to sources and sinks, tuning the building to the environment, optimizing insulation & thermal mass for comfort)
- Contextual Aspects (including microclimate and siting, temperatures, humidity, wind, radiation and comfort parameters
- Passive Components (including building envelope, passive solar terminology, orientation, apertures and glazing, thermal storage, thermal control and materials
- Design Tools (including sun path diagrams, sun peg diagrams, air flow relationships, thermal modelling and life cycle design
- Specific Functions (including passive heating, passive cooling and ventilation, natural lighting, passive water heating, resource collection and Integrated design)

Review Quotes

'Contains copious amounts of easily understandable information.'
Building Engineer

About the Autor(s)

David A. Bainbridge is Associate Professor of Sustainable Management at the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management, www.sustainabilityleader.org. He is coauthor of the best selling book The Straw Bale House, Village Homes' Solar House Designs, The Water Wall Design Manual, The Integral Passive Solar Water Heater Book and the First and Second Passive Solar Catalogs and contributed to the California Passive Solar Handbook.

Ken Haggard is principle and architect, San Luis Sustainability Group. www.slosustainability.com. He is coauthor of Straw Bale Construction Sourcebook, Fractal Architecture- Design for Sustainability, A Brief Architectural History of San Luis Obispo County, and the California Passive Solar Handbook.

Rachel Aljilani is a LEED AP and associate with San Luis Sustainability Group. She coauthored A Student Guide to Sustainable Living and the San Luis Obispo Guide to the Use of Graywater.


1. Definitions
2. Load Determinants and Responses
3. Contextual Aspects
4. Passive Components
5. Design Tools
6. Specific Functions

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