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The State of the World Atlas

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The State of the World Atlas - Eighth Edition

The State of the World Atlas

Eighth Edition

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The State of the World Atlas

By Dan Smith
Eighth Edition

Unique and uniquely beautiful.'
Los Angeles Times

September 2008 • 144 pages • 246 x 189mm • ISBN 9781844075737

About this book

Over 50 full-colour world maps and graphics break down hardcore statistics to provide a compelling analysis of all the political, social, economic and ecological nightmares that keep us awake at night.

* The world's car population has grown five times as fast as the human population over the last 50 years.
* Wal-Mart's sales revenue exceeds the GDP of 150 countries.
* Climate change may put 2.7 billion at risk of armed conflict.
* Germany generates more tourists than anywhere else.
* Americans use 160 times more water than people in Rwanda.

If you want to get behind the headlines and understand the world - from urbanization to globalization, terrorism to tourism, military spending to human rights - The State of the World Atlas is unmatched.

Review Quotes

'An essential snapshot of the trends shaping today's world.'
The Ecologist

'The State of the World Atlas is something else - an occasion of wit and an act of subversion. These are the bad dreams of the modern world, given color and shape and submitted to a grid that can be grasped instantaneously.'
New York Times

'Smith presents, without frills, all the essential facts and figures of what really counts in the world today. An assault on your night's rest!'

'A striking new approach to cartography... no one wishing to keep a grip on the reality of the world should be without these books.'
International Herald Tribune

'[The] Atlas provides a beautifully clear and fairly current overview of a whole series of factors relevant to understanding global trends and current events and concerns.'
Change Management Monitor Newsletter

'This excellent little atlas provides a clear and current picture of the state of the world.'
Change Management Monitor

'This guide is an indispensable visual survey of current events and social trends that makes understanding the vast array of data both possible and pleasurable... We are... full of praise - buy this book.'
Pure Living

'State of the World Atlas is a unique survey of global events and trends, providing a comprehensive visual overview.'
Sustain - Built Environment Matters

'It's a marketer's dream and a forecaster's godsend: a cornucopia of facts, stats, trends, demographics and little-known data about the world and what goes on in it.'
The Information

'This is a comprehensive, highly informative and accessible reference work.' Scientific and Medical Review Network 'A very lively, beautifully produced set of maps which gives highly visual basic comparisons over a very wide range of examples. As such this is a great addition to any library making it one of the definite must-buys of the texts reviewed this year.'
Ecological and Environmental Education

'Covers with an acute and perspicacious narrative supported by clear illustrations the elements that make up our societies.'
Book Steps

'The atlas sets out data in a clear manner that tells us more about our world, almost instantaneously, than days spent studying the statistics on which they are based.'
African Business

'Provides a unique visual survey of current affairs and global trends.'
International Affairs

About the Author(s)

Dan Smith is Secretary General of International Alert, based in London, and former Director of the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo (PRIO). In 2002 he was awarded an OBE. He is also author of The Atlas of War and Peace and The State of the Middle East.


Part I: Who We Are
Life Expectancy
Ethnicity and Diversity
Religious Beliefs
Diversity of Cities
Global Movement
Part II: Wealth and Power
National Income
Quality of Life
Foreign Investment
Energy Trade
Debt and Aid
Part III: War and Peace
Wars in the 21st Century
Warlords and Militias
Military Spending
Armed Forces
Casualties of War
Global Peace
Part IV: Rights and Respect
Political Systems
Religious Freedom
Press Freedom
Human Rights Abuses
Trafficking and Sex Tourism
Children's Rights
Women's Rights
Gay Rights
Part V: Health of the People
Part VI: Health of the Planet
Water Resources
Energy Use
Climate Change
Warning Signs
Part VII: Vital Statistics

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