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The Atlas of Human Migration

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The Atlas of Human Migration - Global Patterns of People on the Move

The Atlas of Human Migration

Global Patterns of People on the Move

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The Atlas of Human Migration

The Atlas of Human Migration
Global Patterns of People on the Move
By Russell King, Richard Black, Michael Collyer, Anthony Fielding and Ronald Skeldon

July 2010 • 128 pages • 246 x 189mm • ISBN 9781849711500

About this book

Migration has provided millions with an escape route from poverty or oppression, ensuring the survival, even prosperity, of individuals and their families. New currents of human migration, triggered by ethnic cleansing or climate change or economic need, are appearing all the time and immigration has become one of today's most contested issues.
This compelling new atlas maps contemporary migration against its crucial economic, social, cultural and demographic contexts. Drawing on data from one of the largest concentrations of migration research, the atlas traces the story of migration from its historical roots through the economic and conflict imperatives of the last 50 years to the causes and effects of flight today.
Issues covered include:
" Refugees and asylum seekers
" Diasporas
" Remittances
" The 'brain drain'
" Trafficking
" Student, retirement and return migration

About the Author(s)

Russell King is Professor of Geography at the University of Sussex, and Director of the Sussex Centre for Migration Research. He has been researching migration in its various forms around the world for over 30 years; his main research projects have been on Europe and the Mediterranean, including studies on Italian return migration, Irish migration, British retirement migration to Southern Europe, international student migration, migration and development in Albania, and Greek and Cypriot diasporas. He is the editor of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Richard Black is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Sussex, and Head of the School of Global Studies. His recent research has focused on the relationship between migration and poverty, but he has also conducted research on refugees, the integration of economic migrants from Eastern Europe in the UK, and the relationship between migration and climate change. His main geographical focus is Sub-Saharan Africa, but he has also carried out field research in Portugal, Greece and the Western Balkans. During 1994-2009 he was co-editor of the Journal of Refugee Studies.

Michael Collyer is Lecturer in Human Geography and Migration Studies at the University of Sussex. Whilst based at Sussex he has held a Nuffield Career Development Fellowship and a Marie Curie International Fellowship, with visiting appointments at universities in Morocco, Egypt and Sri Lanka. His research is on forced, undocumented and temporary forms of migration. He is an associate editor of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Anthony Fielding is Research Professor in Human Geography at the University of Sussex, and has been researching migration for over 40 years. His main geographical focus is on Europe and East Asia, and he has been a visiting professor at Riksumeikan and Kyoto universities in Japan. His main research projects have been on counter-urbanization in Western Europe; the relationships between social and geographical mobility; theorizing new immigration trends in Southern Europe and East Asia; and, currently, the analysis of internal and international migration flows in China, Korea and Japan.

Ronald Skeldon is Professorial Fellow in the Department of Geography at the University of Sussex, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Department for International Development (DfID) in London. His research focuses on migration and development, and on both internal and international migrations. He has particular interests in the measurement of migration and in migration policy, and has acted as consultant to many international organizations. After early field research in Latin America, he has specialized in migration in Asia and the Pacific Region.


PART ONE The Grand Narrative: Migration through the Ages
1.1 Migration Since the Dawn of Time
1.2 Slave Migrations
1.3 Migrations of Indenture
1.4 The Great Migration
1.5 Emigration from Italy
1.6 Pioneer Migrations
1.7 Colonial Migrations
1.8 Diasporas
PART TWO A World in Flux: Contemporary Global Migration Patterns This documents contemporary migration around the world since World War II, showing how patterns, processes and numbers have evolved over recent decades:
2.1 Labour Migration
2.2 The Quiet Migration
2.3 The USA and Latin America

2.4 Europe
2.5 The Arab Gulf States
2.6 East Asia
2.7 Former Communist Countries

2.8 Internal Migration
2.9 Internal Migration and Poverty
PART THREE The Age of Migration: Hybrid Identities of Human Mobility Contemporary migrations around the world are extraordinarily diverse.
3.1 Refugees
3.2 Warehoused Refugees
3.3 Internal Displacement
3.4 Asylum-Seeking in Europe
3.5 Refugee Return
3.6 Migration and Integration
3.7 Return Migration
3.8 Irregular Migration
3.10 Migration and Gender
3.11 Remittances and Development
3.12 Student Migration
3.13 Highly Skilled Migration
3.14 Child Migration
3.15 International Retirement
3.16 Climate Change
3.17 Migration, Health and Death
3.18 Voting from Abroad
3.19 Dual Nationality
3.20 Planned Resettlement, Transmigration
3.21 Migration in State Policy

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